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We also have mushroom trainings and we are willing to help yung mga beginners pa lang sa mushroom production industry.

You can email jmpmushroom@yahoo.com for free files, reading materials, modules regarding mushroom cultivation.

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Happy Mushroom Farming!!!

Mushroom Production Seminar

(Hands on and Actual Training)


  1. Certificate of Attendance
  2. Whole day Seminar
  3. Hands on Training
  4. Actual Demonstration
  5. Lunch and Snacks
  6. Technical Support and Assistance
  7. Hands out / Modules
  8. Marketing Assistance


  1. Mushroom Fruiting Bags
  2. Mushroom Inoculated Bags
  3. Mushroom Mother Spawn
  4. Printed Instructions and Guide

COURSE OUTLINE: (Seminar Topics)

I - Introduction to the world of Mushrooms

  • Introduction to our company
  • Biology of Fungi
  • Ecology of Mushroom
  • Different Mushroom Variety
  • How to start Mushroom Production
  • Question and Answer

II - Mushroom Tissue Culture 
(Mushroom Pure Culture)

  • Culture Media Preparation
  • Sterilization of Culture Media
  • Process of tissue culture (Hands on procedures)
  • Incubation, Storage and Maintenance
  • Question and Answer

III - Mushroom Spawn Production (Mushroom Seeds)

  • Kinds of Grain
  • Grain Preparation and Procedures
  • Sterilization of grain
  • Inoculation Process (Hands on procedures)
  • Incubation, Storage and Maintenance
  • Question and Answer

IV - Mushroom Substrate (Hands on Training)

  • Different kinds of substrate
  • Biological Efficiency (BE)
  • Rice Straw and Sawdust as Substrate 
  • Preparation of different substrate mixtures
  • Composting and Management
  • Bagging and sterilization process
  • Inoculation and incubation process
  • Incubation Area and Growing Houses

V - Mushroom Growing and Harvesting

  • Mushroom growing environment
  • Mushroom pinning (primordia)
  • Mushroom growing maintenance
  • Mushroom maturity
  • Mushroom harvesting
  • Possible insect and diseases
  • Spent Substrate

VI - Business Aspect, Mushroom Marketing and Value Added Product

  • Mushroom marketing
  • Mushroom for value added products
  • Different business aspect for mushroom
  • Sample business startup

VII -  Awarding and Freebies

  • Certificate for Mushroom Production Training
  • Awarding of Mushroom Starter Kits
  • Mushroom Growing Bags
  • Mushroom Spawn
  • Modules and Hands out
  • Instructional Procedures

Note: Please bring usb or flash drive for file sharing.

REGISTRATION FEE: Php. 3,000 pesos


Pay in full 5 days before the seminar and avail our early bird rate of Php 2,500 per head (Regular rate: Php 3,000 per head) which will comprise meals during the training, handouts and all necessary materials.

i.    Pay in full 5 days before the seminar and avail our early bird rate of Php 2,500.00 only.
ii.  Payments on the day of the seminar must be on cash basis only.
iii. Walk in participants shall pay the regular rate.
iv.  Upon payment, proof must be forwarded through email, viber or messenger
v.    Proof of payments (original deposit slip) shall be required for presentation on the day of the schedule.


Please visit our 
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jmpmushroomfarm

You may also send us SMS via smart mobile number 
0947-5876070 or call office landline number (02) 503-0362. 

You may also visit our business office address

Farmchoice Agribusiness Enterprise, 
Block 1 Lot 9 Luke street, Del Mundo Village, 
Brgy. Llano Caloocan City. 

send us an email through jmpmushroom@yahoo.com

Happy Mushroom Growing!!!

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi - The Heavy Hitter That Does It All (or almost)

This species of mushroom looks like a big white and brown flower made of wood. It is loaded with ganoderic acid, which is known to help reduce cholesterol and also lower high blood pressure. Reishi, which is known as “Lingzhi” in Chinese, has been revered in Asian societies for thousands of years and is one of the oldest symbols of well-being and longevity, historically only consumed by royalty.

It has strong immune boosting powers and is revered as an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-cancer fighting fungus. And there’s plenty of research to back up these claims: a 2009 study in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry conducted in Taiwan demonstrated that reishi contained unique polysaccharides that promote longevity by boosting immune system function and preventing abnormal blood vessel formations that could lead to life-threatening cancerous growths.




Grow your own mushroom at home..

Fully inoculated bag of nutrient medium
Allows you to grow mushrooms at home
Brings great fun in the growing process

Contact Hotline:
 (02) 503-0362

Mushroom pinning

Mushroom start to grow

Oyster white mushrooms

Ready to harvest mushrooms

gray oyster mushroom

Fully grown oyster mushroom


Contact hotline for mushroom growing bags:
 (02) 503-0362

DOST introduces oyster mushroom production to Bindoy residents

Source: http://region7.dost.gov.ph

BINDOY (July 21, 2017) – About 40 participants from different fisherfolk and farmers associations in the municipality attended the two-day training on oyster mushroom production on July 18-19, 2017 at Domolog Public Market Conference Room in Bindoy, Negros Oriental.

Organized by the  Department of Science and Technology-Negros Oriental Provincial S&T Center (DOST NegOr PSTC), the training aims to teach the participants on oyster mushroom production so they can use it as an avenue for a possible business venture. Oyster mushroom (pleurotus ostreatus) production has long been an industry in the Philippines and grown commercially around the world for food. It is related to the similarly cultivated king oyster mushroom. This technology gained popularity among farmers and food enthusiasts due to its social, economic and environmental impact.

The activity is in cooperation with LGU Bindoy and Department of Agriculture-Negros Oriental. Mr. Miguel Yucor and Mrs. Fe Pilosopo of DA NegOr served as the resource persons during the said training.

The duo lengthily explained on mushrooms, factors influencing mushroom growth, various species of mushrooms, mushrooms that can be grown in the Philippines, health benefits, vitamins and minerals in mushrooms, opportunities and potentials, national demand and mushrooms as potential enterprise with low capital investments. Also discussed were mushroom propagation (using tissue culture method), mushroom cultivation, culture media, preparation procedures, spawn production, fruiting bag preparation, incubation, fruiting bag care and management, harvest, appropriate costing and marketing of products.

“The idea of oyster mushroom was quite new to the residents. The group was pretty familiar with cultivation of other plants due to previous trainings they had with other agencies. We showed them the basic but most effective way of growing oyster mushrooms so they can easily make it themselves,” Mrs. Pilosopo said.

“We showed them how to appropriately cost their products. Sometimes they take for granted the labor cost which turns out as one of the important elements in the price. It’s a crucial first step in every business and we like to start it from there,” Mr. Yucor also added.

Mrs. Pilosopo is the current corn staff/coordinator of DA NegOr along with Mr. Yucor. They have been involved in numerous trainings nationwide not just on oyster mushrooms but other crops such as rice, corn, cassava, mango, among others.– Sean Adrian T. Guardiano/Negros Oriental PSTC S&T Media Service

Source: http://region7.dost.gov.ph


Source: villasis.gov.ph

The Municipal Government of Villasis, Pangasinan through the Office of the Municipal Agriculturist in collaboration with the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist-San Quintin Station and with the initiative of Former Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica and members of the Ladies Brigade of Villasis, Inc., conducted a Hands-On Training on Mushroom Production on March 1, 2017 held at Villasis Livelihood Training Center (VLTC), Barraca, Villasis, Pangasinan.

The training was participated by 38 members of the Ladies Brigade of Villasis, Inc. (LAB) from the different barangays of Villasis.

The training aims to equip the participants in mushroom production, awareness on the use of farm by-products into mushroom substrates and serves as an alternative livelihood and job creation in the barangays particularly on women sector.

The one-day training was conducted through hands-on approach. In the morning, resource speakers from the OPAG-San Quintin Station devoted lectures and instructions such as Mushroom Varieties Grown, Stages of production, spawn culture and livelihood and income opportunity on mushroom production. In the afternoon, hands-on activities was undertaken such as the preparation of mushroom beds, planting of spawn, maintenance of mushroom bed and harvesting. Post training evaluation was also done.

In the opening program which was attended by Mayor Nonato S. Abrenica, stressed out the important role of women and their participation in the community. He said that the training will serve as an alternate livelihood and job opportunity among rural women in line with the municipality’s Livelihood and Job Generation Program.

Source: villasis.gov.ph

source: http://villasis.gov.ph/blog/hands-on-training-on-mushroom-production

Seminar on Mushroom Production

The Agricultural Training Institute is holding a free seminar on mushroom production tomorrow, February 10, 2017, in Diliman, Quezon City. An expert from the Bureau of Plant Industry, Ms. Mary Ann Guerrero, will serve as resource person.

The participants are requested to bring clean and empty 1.5 liter plastic bottles that they can donate t0 the ATIng Gulayan sa DA project of the Institute. After the seminar, everyone is invited to tour the ATIng Gulayan project to see how urban gardening can be done in the metro.

Source: http://ati.da.gov.ph/news/2017

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